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Which successful company is based on Java?

Nowadays Java no longer holds the “hot” status when it comes to the world of software development. However, it is a platform that has permanently set a mark in the community for being one of the largest development platforms ever. Java is the successor to the ultimate mass usage programming languages, C and C++. It managed to attract a major portion of the development community towards itself and is a pioneer to a lot of other languages.

Several modern programming platforms owe their success to Java for providing a solid foundation to work on. Today, the number of devices that have Java-based software running on them is still in the billions. That kind of success means there are a lot of great names that use Java in their systems. In fact, many successful names are still using Java as the main driving force in their operations.

Famous Java Company Names


Microsoft is one of the largest software companies in the world. The maker of the globally used operating system Windows, it is one of the biggest names using Java right now. There are multitudes of systems and services, not just in Windows, that are running through Java-based applications. This goes to show how powerful a language Java is and how well it has aged with time.


If you have traveled on a budget, you are probably aware of the famous hospitality platform Airbnb. It is a massive community of people who put their properties online for people to come and stay in. the platform is massive and has a big workforce maintaining it. A lot of the systems responsible for keeping the service alive are based on Java. The company has been using it since the beginning and seems to be continuing to do so right now as well.


Uber is probably the biggest ride-sharing service in the entire world. A multi-billion-dollar firm, it is home to some of the biggest systems that manage its entire system. A lot of development in Uber’s platform is done in Java and there is a good reason for that. When Uber started, Java was still pretty much the king of the hill. However, due to its long life and versatility, the company continues to use Java in many of its core systems.

Some Other Java Company Names

There are a lot of other famous companies that are still using Java as a major contributor to their software systems. While creating a comprehensive list would take too much time and space, we will share some other names as well so you may know the reach of Java as a successful platform.

  • Spotify: A globally recognized music platform
  • Pinterest: a huge social media platform for saving resources using images and GIFs
  • Groupon: one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world
  • T-Mobile: a globally present telecommunication services platform
  • LinkedIn: world’s largest social platform for professionals

These are only some of the names in a list that could include hundreds of names of successful international companies.

Why is Java Popular?

Being a Java company has a lot of meanings nowadays. It could mean that you are a Java developer, a Java user, or a Java-based vendor. Regardless of which category of Java company you fall into, you have to recognize the undying fame of Java. The reason for such an incredible level of popularity for Java is its presence in everything hot today. Nowadays, no service is complete unless it has a mobile app. The largest mobile platform at the moment is Android, and all development in Android is Java based. So, you simply cannot find anything that Java has not touched in one way or another.

Evolving Platform

One of the biggest advantages that Java has is its ever-evolving nature. Over the years, Java has received a lot of updates to its platform. These updates are also quite large. Most of the updates to Java development has brought major changes and improvements. Any Java company can vouch for the fact that Java is probably the best language to keep up with the changing trends. This constant evolution has ensured that Java has the largest framework even today, making it possible for big companies to continue using it on their systems.