Submission of Abstracts:
    March 1, 2017
    March 17, 2017
    May 15, 2017

Notification of Abstract Acceptance:
    March 15, 2017
    April 10, 2017
    May 20, 2017

Submission of Full Paper:
    June 05, 2017
    July 31, 2017
    August 15, 2017

Notification of Paper Acceptance:
    June 30, 2017
    August 21, 2017
    September 4, 2017

Submission of Final Manuscripts:
    July 31, 2017
    September 14, 2017
    September 28, 2017

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. Due to a significant number of solicitudes, the deadline to submit FULL PAPERS to the 6th Structural Engineers World Congress has been extended to Jul/31 Aug/15.


A special session will have four-to-eight presentations and one moderator. It will last a maximum of 90 minutes. The moderator needs to look for the presenters to fill the session. One of the presenters may be him/she. The moderator will be exempt of the congress fee as a special acknowledgment for looking for the presenters and moderating the session.

If you wish to organize a special session as a moderator, please login your user account and submit the application form (if you don't have an account you can create one here).

Make sure to provide the required information by May 15th, 2017.

If you have any doubt or commentary, do not hesitate to contact us to: 


Prof. Juan Gerardo Oliva-Salinas

Faculty of Architecture, UNAM, Mexico

Scientific committee:

Prof. Roberto Gómez-Martínez

Institute of Engineering, UNAM, Mexico