PC headphones – everything you need to know about them

Choosing high quality headphones is a problem we often have to deal with. Without a bit of knowledge about the most important parameters and functions, such a choice may be misguided, which is why we have prepared a small guide for you, in which we discuss the most important issues. Thanks to this you will be able to find the best PC headphones, which will be 100% tailored to your individual needs!

PC headphones – what are their types?

It is worth to start by mentioning the types of headphones, because there are at least a few of them. Axtel PC headphones are great:

  • headhones and earphones – the choice is individual here, but it is worth taking into account that for many hours of work, earphones that will be additionally equipped with a microphone may be better,
  • wired and wireless – wireless models are becoming more and more popular, however, it is worth noting that wireless models suffer from slightly lower quality sound and the need to charge the battery,
  • with or without a microphone – computer headphones with or without a microphone are dedicated primarily to employees, businessmen, players and people who often talk to their loved ones, e.g. via Skype.

Headphones for PC and the most important parameters

Once the division of headphones is over, we can move on to the specifics, i.e. parameters to which we should pay special attention when choosing headphones. It is worth noting that they are important primarily for people who are looking for headphones for multimedia – such as watching movies or listening to music. However, they will not have much meaning in the case of headphones for work, so if you are interested in just such solutions – skip this paragraph and go to the function of headphones.

What are the most important parameters of headphones?

  • Sound dynamics – the difference in volume between soft and loud sounds, which is very important when it comes to the quality of the music you hear. If the dynamics are high enough, you can distinguish between different sounds.
  • Sound frequency – in other words, the bandwidth of the sound, in other words, the depth of the sound. The wider the bandwidth, the deeper the sound, and thus the satisfaction of listening to it, is greater. The standard is 20-20000 Hz.
  • Impedance – the wave resistance that affects the power of the speakers in the headphones is expressed in Ohms. Universal headphones have impedance in the region of 30 Ohms, and professional headphones – even 300 Ohms.

Professional computer headphones – functions

The functions that computer headphones can provide are important for both multimedia and professional use. Therefore, it is worth paying special attention to them and choosing the right device for them.

  • Sound in HD – the absolute basis for modern headphones. HD quality guarantees clear sound, which is useful both in multimedia and everyday work.
  • Noise reduction – the function is extremely important especially for people working in call centers, who have to struggle with high noise. Thanks to noise reduction, all external sounds are suppressed.
  • Digital audio processing – is designed to improve sound quality, so its use also affects the fact that headphones are much more functional and represent a higher quality.
  • Plug & Play – thanks to this feature, there is no need to install and configure headphones – they work right out of the box.

Of course, when analyzing all the functions and parameters, it is also worth remembering to pay attention to the quality of the device, and in particular the materials from which it was made. The higher the quality, the longer the PC headphones will last. Of course, the convenience of use is also important, so make sure that the headphones have an adjustment function that will allow you to adjust them to the size and shape of your head.