President – SEWC [Worldwide]


It is with great pleasure that I welcome all the delegates to the SEWC Symposium being held in Cancun Mexico. SEWC since 1998 has been spreading information about SEWC all over the world by opening local Chapters/Groups in different countries including India, Italy, China [Shanghai], Mexico, Turkey & Singapore. These Chapters conduct their own conferences on structural engineering subjects.

SEWC was first held in 1998 in San Francisco when the desire of the structural engineers all over the world to meet fructified.

The 2nd SEWC was held in the year 2002 in Yokohama, Japan, the 3rd SEWS was held in Bangalore, India in the year 2007 and the 4th SEWC Italy in 2011 and the 5th SEWC is being organized in Singapore. All these Conferences are extremely successful.

In today’s era of globalization of knowledge processes, products and services, the engineering community has moved irreversibly in to a phase wherein projects are increasingly marketed in the global marketplace and executed by teams comprising of groups and individuals from all over the world. There is an increasing need to understand the perspectives and ethos of the many diverse countries and cultures and hence the increased relevance of World Congress such as SEWC.

The Structural Engineering World Congress [SEWC] is dedicated to the Art, Science and Practice of Structural Engineering. SEWC Congress aims to cover major aspects pertaining to technical and professional practice issues. The congress focuses on the needs and the contemporary issues of the structural engineering profession worldwide and highlights the profession’s interface with the society.

It also re-iterates the interaction between the structural engineers and Architects reflected by excellent public image, standing and credibility of architects and structural engineers.

This SEWC Conference in Mexico will also provide a forum for exchange of ideas by international experts from various parts of the world and the theme of the Congress “ARCHITECTURAL AND STRUCTURAL DESIGN FOR ENRICHING HUMAN HABITATS” signifies the relevance of the subject.

We have an opportunity in Conference to use this as a platform to promote further cooperation between structural engineering and architectural fraternity.

We are confident that your active participation in the Conference and its deliberations will enable you to carry precious knowledge a conference like this can offer.

I welcome you to SEWC Mexico which will offer a unique opportunity for a beneficial interaction with fellow professionals and a delightful and truly memorable get-together of the world structural engineering and architectural fraternity.